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Loan from Pension Explained Borrowing money against the value of your pension can be an excellent way of making your pension fund work better for your financial situation. A pension loan can be used for anything you want and is often used as an alternative way of funding a business.  If your pension value is at least £30,000, a pension loan could be made available to you up to a value of 50% of your pension pot – this loan could be available to you in less than 8 weeks. If your pension is larger, you can simply borrow more. Why is taking a Loan from Pension a good choice?

  • The loans are flexible in terms of how they can be used
  • Interest is paid back to your pension increasing its value
  • Pension loans are not subject to personal credit checks or income checks.
  • Interest rates are low on pension loans in comparison to other unsecured lending
  • Your application is processed immediately

In short, a pension loan is a hassle free way of borrowing at a competitive rate. How do I qualify for a Loan from Pension? A pension loan is available to you if you have a UK pension with a value of at least £30,000 it is as simple as that. How do I know my pension value? We will help you find this out if you are not sure. How can I use the money from a Loan from Pension? In short, however you would like to use it! It may be to fund a start-up or expanding business or ,for example ,to pay off an existing debt which is charging a higher interest rate. What do I do now? OK. All you need to do is to call us on 01603 340840 or complete the short form below and we will call you back.  Our team of experienced pension loan advisers are here to help you explore the possibility of having a pension loan. We respect your privacy and your information will only be used to provide you with the best available pension loan possible.


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