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Productive Pensions is a specialist UK pension consultancy. We offer support and guidance to help your pension savings to work smarter, using your retirement fund in the most productive and beneficial way.

Occupational & Personal Pension Solutions

Our solutions are best suited to individuals with UK pensions with an existing fund value of £30,000 or greater.


Whether your existing pension or pensions are company/occupational or personal plans, active or frozen, we can assist in the majority of cases and we charge no up-front fees.

Our Objectives

  • To help you take control of your pension savings, growing your retirement fund in the best way possible
  • To enable you to invest in your own business and yourself through your pension
  • To grow both your pension and your pre-retirement personal wealth
Productive Pensions Objectives

The Problem
with Pensions

Pension Savings Locked Away

Deferred Tax

By giving tax relief on pension contributions, the UK system has typically made saving for a pension very easy. However, this relief largely represents a deferred tax, as tax is paid on income in retirement.

Locked Away

The disadvantage of the pensions system is the lack of control. Once you have made contributions they remain locked away out of reach, with limited options to draw on them.

Poor Performance

Most pension savers entrust their hard-earned savings to insurance companies. But if returns disappoint, and funds don't grow as well as needed for a comfortable retirement, pension savers can be left feeling frustrated and trapped.

Low Interest Rates

Recent low interest rates have further destroyed the confidence in the pension system amongst both pensioners and pension savers. All of these are hardly incentives to put much effort into saving for retirement, and understandably many have looked for ways to release their fund value through dubious pension liberation schemes, often with dire consequences.

End of Annuity Trap

The introduction of "pension freedoms" in 2015 has restored some hope. New legislation allows individuals over the age of 55 to dip into their pension savings at their own discretion, paying the marginal tax rate, removing the annuity trap and providing a renewed incentive for increasing pension contributions.

Business Financing

Small Business Financing

On the other side of the coin, it has perhaps never been more difficult to borrow money from banks in order to finance small business. Despite the continuing increase of the money supply through quantitative easing, somehow businesses and entrepreneurs are still finding it difficult to secure funding.


How to Make Contributions Count?

If it once again makes sense to save for retirement, how can you make those contributions count and not just end up in poorly performing managed funds?

FCA and HMRC Compliant Solution

An opportunity exists to use under-performing pension savings to grow your own business. Using existing legislation, it is possible for your own business to take a loan from your pension scheme, using a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS).

Productive Penssions

Borrow at a Lower Interest Rate

Our clients may borrow up to 50% of their pension fund value in order to fund their business, at rates much lower than may be found from high street banks.

Grow your Pension and Your Business

The added bonus is that the interest and repayments go back into the pension fund, serving the dual purpose of growing the pension fund and enabling the growth of the business. So why borrow from banks when you can give yourself a better deal?

How to Establish a SSAS

The establishment of a SSAS can only be carried out by an authorised practitioner/pension administrator. Contact Productive Pensions to find out if a SSAS would meet your pension needs.

Small Self Administered Scheme - SSAS

A Productive Pensions Portfolio

The balance of the fund value will typically be invested into longer-term asset-backed securities, with a small cash balance in order to provide liquidity.

We currently have an arrangement with one of the UK's oldest and most respected financial institutions, whereby all of our clients can enjoy access to products normally only accessible to those with £1m+ portfolios.


Current SSAS setup charges are as follows:

Scheme Setup Fee £500
Annual Administration Fee £600
Legal Fees Relating to Loan £500

All charges exclusive of VAT

Our fees are £550 to guide you through the process and provide support at various stages. All fees may be deducted from the balance of your pension transfer, so you will receive tax relief on all pension-related charges.

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